Quigley on Job Creation

At every level of government, Mike Quigley has been a strong advocate for rethinking and reinventing government to create the conditions for a healthy and growing economy. As a Cook County Commissioner, he authored eight reports on ways to streamline the operations of the County and eliminate the need for job-killing taxes on hotels, restaurants and other small businesses.

In Congress he has continued the fight to reinvent government, and has been an outspoken advocate for constructive infrastructure spending. He points out that in 2009, only 4 percent of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act focused on infrastructure spending, but that 4 percent produced over a quarter of the resulting jobs. He believes the time is now to reinvest in our nation’s crumbling infrastructure and create good paying jobs.



Mike Quigley was elected to Congress to represent Illinois’ 5th District on April 7, 2009. A former cook County Commissioner who began his career serving as an aide to former 44th Ward Alderman Bernie Hansen, Mike has served his community for more than thirty years. His election to Congress was an opportunity to take his unique style of reform-minded politics, which Chicagoans have known for years, from Cook County to Washington.

Mike has established himself as a leader on many of our nation’s most challenging and significant issues. He continues to fight for full LGBT equality, a woman’s right to choose and commonsense gun law reforms that will make our communities safer. A member of the Sierra Club since he was 16, Mike continues pushing for strong environmental policies that protect our natural resources and address the growing threat of climate change. The Chicago Reader has said he is “arguably the greenest elected official in Chicago.”

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1 day ago

Mike Quigley

Since the release of the Special Counsel’s report, it is very clear that Attorney General Barr is covering for the President. Given the Special Counsel left it to Congress to determine if the President obstructed justice, we need the full, unredacted report and all underlying evidence.

Russia successfully attacked our democratic process and Congress has to take appropriate steps to preserve the integrity of our elections, institutions, and our democracy.

But we also have a responsibility to the American people beyond matters of criminality. An action – or in this case, a series of actions – does not have to be a crime to be unethical, corrupt, or unpatriotic.

As the American people read the report and as we in Congress investigate this matter further, the full truth will emerge. I believe Americans will recognize the behavior of the President as unbecoming of the office he holds.

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