The Daily Herald, October 10, 2012 – Editorial

Endorsement:  Quigley over Schmitt in the 5th Congressional District

For 10 years, Mike Quigley was an outspoken, and yet ultimately productive, rebel in Cook County politics, a true fighter within his Democratic Party — particularly against two Stroger regimes — for transparency, integrity and responsibility in local government. During his first full term in Congress after winning a special election to replace Rahm Emanuel in 2009, that kind of open confrontation has not been necessary, but Chicagoan Quigley has remained a firm, consistent, intelligent proponent of meaningful tax reform, responsible spending, openness and collaboration in government. His most-prominent challenger for the 5th District congressional seat, Republican Dan Schmitt, of Chicago, is a Tea Party-style advocate of small government whose undisciplined rants against health care reform and most government spending suggest the fist-pounding obstructionism that is the most counterproductive feature of the movement he supports. By contrast, Quigley offers well-researched positions and innovative, thought-provoking ideas for making government both responsive and responsible. Nancy Wade, of Chicago, a Green Party candidate, shares the ballot with the major-party candidates in this race, but Quigley has made a fine start in Congress in the past three years. and his energy and thoughtful independence need to be returned to Washington.